(Encore) Are You Too Nice to Be a Leader?

There are 8 leadership paradoxes that are important for any leader to know. Find out what they are!


Q & A

  • I remember you saying something about building expertise? I have several professional skills that I need to refine (public speaking and facilitating meetings is my biggest downfall: any specific tips on these areas would be a bonus!) but I also would like to become a better golfer because so many of my colleagues golf and I feel embarrassed to even try. How do I speed up learning?


  • I have been disabled for over thirty years and plan on entering the work force. Since my disability, I have not been employed. I did receive a bachelor degree in Political Science in 1996. I’m hoping you can give me some general advice on how to form a resume with such a large gap in employment history. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • I have had a small business for five years. I do custom mural paintings, mostly for small businesses (art on a retail wall, etc). I have no employees because every time I have hired someone, such as an office assistant, they never work out.  How do I grow my business since its so hard to find good people?


  • I’m in sales and I need to be more organized. Is there a CRM that you would recommend?