The Best Way to Discern Career Moves

Career-wise: “What do want to do?” vs. “What should you do?”  How do you know what the best move is?

Check out the best way to discern career moves!

Q & A:

  • I’m looking at selling my business (50 employees. Light manufacturing). Do you have any recommendations on whether I should avoid a PE firm? I have heard stories about how they control you after a purchase. I am also considering a strategic sale or a sale to my employees. I’m more interested in the lifestyle side of the answer vs. the finances. I want to stay with the company after the sale.
  • On your Wednesday segment, you had a caller who mentioned that he laid out some standards for three of his employees. I think his name was Sam. There was a backstory on that. Can you summarize that interaction?
  • I’m considering getting my MBA. I have been working at a fortune 500 company for three years after receiving my BS. Eventually I want to run my own company and I feel like the MBA is important for credibility.  How much weight do you put on an MBA for entrepreneurs?