Jack McKeon, 2022 World Series Predictions/ Mary Hallan Fiorito, Dobb’s Impact on Abortion/ Marcel LeJeune, Boosting Volunteers in Parish

11/4/22 7am CT Hour

  • John, Glen and Sarah remind listeners to vote Tuesday and chat about North Korea firing missals, Astros win in Game 5 of World Series and National Men Dinner Day
  • Jack joins in the conversation of being the underdog in the World Series and gives his prediction of how the 2022 world Series will end.
  • Mary shares how abortion numbers have slightly decreased since the overturn of Roe and what states can do to support pregnant women so more choose life.
  • Marcel explains that we often have a renters mentality when it comes to our parish and encourages everyone to have an owners mentality so we take greater stock in our local parish so it can thrive and us along with it.
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