Vindicated, Again! – December 14, 2022

Bible Study: (6:33)

IS 45:6C-8, 18, 21C-25

  • What happens when God isn’t kind to us? 

LK 7:18B-23

  • What’s Father’s theory on this Passage? 


  • (20:34) – Father talks about moving the tabernacle 
  • (23:07) – Letter about someone who left the Catholic Church
  • (27:56) – Discrepancies about the criminal crucified next to Jesus 

Word of the Day: Vindication! (34:41)


  • (38:45) – John 3:13 and Ecclesiastes 3:19-21, and could you explain those in terms of the death and body.
  • (43:12) – Comment on the Eucharist from Bishop Sheen: ‘When I walk into Church these days, I felt like Mary Magdalene’ referring to lack of importance.  
  • (46:24) – When Jesus said, to the Pharisees ‘In your law, it says ye are Gods’. Was Jesus being sarcastic when he said that?
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