Greeting the Priest! – January 3, 2023

1 JN 2:29–3:6

  • What happens when we stand before God? What does it mean to persist in sin? 

Jn 1:29-34

  • The connection between Jesus and Abraham


  • 29:45 – Mary discusses greeting our neighbor before mass
  • 36:15 – was Paul made a bishop? 

Word of the Day: Baptized (34:44)


  • 48:20 – Is it a sin that I didn’t go to Sunday mass last week, b/c I had fear that car would get stuck in snow
  • 50:00 – How to compliment a priest without trying to praise him too much?
  • 54:15 – Confused on what Pope Francis dedicated this year to.  For example like ‘Year of St. Joseph’
  • 57:50 – If someone wants to get engaged w/someone, how much should they reveal their past sins
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