When Jesus Doesn’t Calm the Storm (Special Podcast Highlight)

When you are going through a difficult time, where do you turn?

John Morales is joined by Gary Zimak, author of the best-selling book “When Your Days Are Dark, God is Still Good.” They discuss the concept of Jesus not always calming storms in life and the possibility of finding peace amid difficult situations. Gary highlights two literal storms at sea recorded in the Bible where Jesus calmed the storm. He also mentions another storm in the New Testament after Jesus’ resurrection, where He doesn’t calm the external storm but brings peace to the apostles’ internal fears.

They discuss the relationship between faith and storms, with Gary emphasizing that storms are opportunities to exercise and grow in faith, as well as to trust in Jesus’ help. Gary explains that everyone will face storms in life, but those who build their foundation on Jesus will find strength to endure them. He also talks about the need for humility to admit we can’t overcome storms on our own and the importance of seeking the Lord’s help.

Gary emphasizes the message of hope in Jesus, stating that when we invite Him into our storms, things will get better. He acknowledges that growing in faith during storms can be a process, but the longer and harder we work at our relationship with Jesus, the greater our peace will be.

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