The Pro-Life Movement: Where it Stands After Roe (Special Podcast Highlight)

Life is winning, and you should be so excited that hearts and minds are being changed. If you want to know how the pro-life movement is advancing and what you can do, you need to hear this conversation from Morning Air. 

Kristen Hawkins, the President of Students for Life of America, discusses the pro-life movement’s evolution over the past several years and its future direction in a post-Roe America. She shares that she once thought it would be nearly impossible for Roe to go away any time soon, and she is so elated that Planned Parenthood has started to feel immense pressure. Hawkins reflects on the challenges and achievements of the pro-life movement, highlighting initiatives like Students for Life and 40 Days for Life, which have mobilized grassroots activism and prayer efforts outside abortion facilities, leading to the closure of some facilities and the saving of lives.

Hawkins underscores the significance of focusing on both federal and state levels in the battle against abortion, particularly after the Dobbs decision, which empowers states to have a say in protecting vulnerable citizens. She mentions legislative victories in various states, such as Wyoming, South Carolina, and Florida, where pro-life measures were passed and signed into law.

As the pro-life movement adapts in a post-Roe America, Hawkins emphasizes the need to show care and compassion to those considering abortion. She stresses the importance of demonstrating genuine concern for pregnant individuals and directing them to resources like that provide support for women and families.

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