George Weigel Discusses St. John Paul II: The Great Unifier (Special Podcast Highlight)

Did St. John Paul II impact your life in a specific way? His legacy may have helped you to grow in your own faith or maybe it inspired someone you know to join the priesthood. St. John Paul II left an indelible mark on the history of the Church and gave us a rich set of writings and teachings. 

John Morales discusses the remarkable legacy of St. John Paul II in anticipation of the feast marking the 45th anniversary of his inauguration as pope. The episode delves into his vast accomplishments, such as his extensive travels to 129 countries and his record-setting Mass attendance in Manila. 

The conversation also features George Weigel, an author and papal biographer. Weigel provides a deeper understanding of Pope St. John Paul II as a person and his relationships with both the Jewish and Muslim communities. He elaborates on the Holy Father’s role as an ecumenical leader, often referred to as the “Great Unifier.” Weigel offers insights into the Pope’s nuanced understanding of the Islamic world. He also underscores this saint’s enduring impact on interfaith dialogue and his vision of a united, peaceful world.

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