The Patrick Madrid Show: October 19, 2023 – Hour 2

Special Guest Host Fr. Matthew Spencer joins to talk about Pope Francis’ announcement of the day of fasting for peace in Israel and brings clarity to passages revolving around Judas. 

  • Pope Francis Announces Prayer Vigil, Day of Fasting for Peace in Israel-Hamas War
  • Off-air question – Do I need to receive both the bread and the wine to receive the Sacrament fully? I’m an alcoholic and cannot have even a drop of alcohol.
  • Doug – Acts of the Apostles and Judas: One story has him buying a field and God killed him, and the other has him hanging. What actually happened to him.

Break 1 (18:27)

  • Michael – Could Judas have been forgiven if he asked Jesus for forgiveness?

Smelled flowers at a funeral. In the presence of a saint? (26:13)

  • Jennifer – The say when you are in the presence of a saint you can smell flowers. At someone’s funeral, I smelt flowers. Could he be a saint?
  • Pat – How do I respond to my son who says that Christmas is a Pagan holiday that the Christians took?

Break 2 (37:14)

  • Stephanie – I work at a parish and get a lot of questions about the temporal effects of sin. Could you explain how this works with God’s justice and mercy?
  • Marie – I am wondering if my house is possessed. What should I do?
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