A Protestant Pastor Has Pressing Questions About Catholicism (Special Podcast Highlight)

“How do we know the Assumption of Mary actually happened? Why is it not mentioned?”


Patrick Madrid engages with Eric, a Protestant pastor from Helena, Montana, who grapples with understanding Marian doctrines, particularly the Assumption of Mary.


Eric’s Journey:


Eric is exploring Catholicism but finds the Assumption of Mary challenging due to its sparse mention in early Church writings


He questions why significant doctrines like the Assumption aren’t explicitly detailed in early Church Father writings, similar to his concerns about infant baptism and Church hierarchy.


Patrick’s Insightful Response:


Historical Parallels: Patrick compares the development of the Assumption doctrine to the Trinity doctrine, noting:


Trinity: Not explicitly named until Tertullian in the 3rd century, yet fundamental.


Assumption: Similar trajectory; less overt early mention but recognized over time.


Persecution Impact:


Early Christians focused on survival rather than doctrinal writings.


Post-persecution, there was an explosion in theological literature, including Marian doctrines.


Resource Recommendations:


T.L. Frazer’s Article: Assumptions About Mary – Highlights patristic references to the Assumption.


Tim Staples’ Book: Behold Your Mother – Provides a biblical defense of Marian doctrines.


Jurgens’ Collection: The Faith of the Early Fathers – Indexed quotes on various doctrines, including the Assumption.


Biblical and Traditional Foundations:


Patrick emphasizes that Catholicism relies on Scripture and Tradition.

He mentions Acts 2:38-39 as a biblical basis for infant baptism.


 Personal Reflections:


Eric shares his family’s transition to Catholicism, with three out of four children converting.


Patrick encourages Eric to keep exploring and offers further resources, including his book Surprised by Truth.


Patrick reassures Eric about the legitimacy of Marian doctrines, highlighting the importance of Tradition alongside Scripture.


Takeaway: For those curious about Catholic doctrines, especially the Assumption of Mary, examining Church history, patristic writings, and biblical references can provide clarity and deepen faith understanding.


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Patrick Madrid is an acclaimed public speaker and has authored or edited 26 books, which have sold over a million copies worldwide, including foreign-language editions. He hosts The Patrick Madrid Show daily on Relevant Radio.