Dealing with Obnoxious People

Someone posted something you don’t agree with on social media. Somebody ignored you at your local coffee shop. Your coworker or sibling keeps borrowing your things without asking. Your parents are micromanaging or being overbearing. You can feel your blood pressure rising. How do you deal with these inconvenient and frankly annoying situations? How do... Continue reading

Is God Asking You To Change?

Generally speaking, traditions are good. They help preserve the history of the Church, of cultures, and of family heritage. They provide value through enjoyable, shared experiences that often bring back memories and feelings of nostalgia. Church traditions in particular revolve heavily around scripture, the lives of the saints, and specific feast days that we celebrate.... Continue reading

St. Thomas Aquinas’ 5 Arguments for the Existence of God

Long before Jesus, Christianity, and the likes of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Greek philosopher Aristotle came tragically close to determining the existence of God through his own conjectures and determinations. But, as he did not have the benefit of divine revelation, his findings were incomplete. Fast-forward 1500 years and we see St. Thomas Aquinas produce... Continue reading


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