Jesus Christ: The Hero of Our Story

On a recent episode of The Cale Clarke Show Cale took a look at fairy tales and fiction and wondered why so many of them bear the same hallmarks. He talked about Jesus Christ’s role as a hero in human history and why we see similarities between myths and the true story of God Incarnate.... Continue reading

“On the Night Train”: Behind the Scenes

If you haven’t heard already, The Merry Beggars are preparing to launch their biggest production yet: On the Night Train. It’s the story of…well…why don’t we let the cast members describe it in their own words? Episode 1 of On the Night Train launches tomorrow, Sunday, the 11th of September at 6pm CT. Episodes will... Continue reading

InQUIZition: Patrick Madrid’s Newest Book

Are you a curious Catholic? Are you fascinated by trivia and fun facts? Then we’ve got the book for you! Relevant Radio is proud to announce its latest free offering, InQUIZition, courtesy of author, Catholic apologist, speaker, and host of The Patrick Madrid Show, Patrick Madrid. This factual and fascinating book offers Catholics everywhere a... Continue reading

The Merry Beggars present “On the Night Train”

The entertainment division of Relevant Radio, The Merry Beggars, is proud to present On the Night Train, an original audio mystery adventure! Following The Merry Beggars’ success last winter with their production and release of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, they are excited to bring you yet another series of premium audio content. Directed by... Continue reading

The Value of Playing Games

Recently on Morning Air, Glen Lewerenz and Sarah Tafoya welcomed Kim Morgan on to talk about playing board games, how it helps stimulate fun in a family environment, and how playing games can actually be beneficial for cognitive development and capability retention. Kim began by explaining that the benefits of playing board games have been... Continue reading

Sean Forrest: Musician to Missionary

We have every form of entertainment at our fingertips these days: music, television, movies, comedy acts, theatrical performances, dance routines, and concerts. And most of these mainstream shows are put on for us by the most talented people in their industry. For their contributions to our entertainment, they are showered in publicity, money, and fame.... Continue reading

Father Stu: Trading Gloves for a Cassock

The Catholic world has been abuzz recently with the anticipation and release of the recent movie Father Stu, produced by and starring Mark Wahlberg, as well as Mel Gibson. In case you haven’t heard, the movie follows the life and story of Stuart Long, a man who grew up in an agnostic family, pursued professional... Continue reading

Moderating Our Use of Technology: Part 2

The family can do a lot to cultivate the proper use of internet devices. Yes, we can and should use filters to protect ourselves and our loved ones from inappropriate and offensive sites, but the family culture is even more powerful and effective to avoid letting these devices take over and dominate our lives. Parents... Continue reading

Nicholas Sparks and His Catholic Faith

If you’re a fan of romantic dramas or romance novels, you are undoubtedly familiar with the face of the genre, Nicholas Sparks. Since he began writing in 1996, he has written 24 books and 11 of them have been adapted for movies and television. Every single one of his books have been New York Times... Continue reading

Monitoring Your Child’s Media Consumption

If you’re the parent of a young child, you’ve probably already run into the issue of guarding your child against stimuli that could be harmful. You worry about what kind of books they read, what kind of toys they play with, and what kind of TV and movies they watch. And in this age of... Continue reading

video games

Managing Video Game Usage

In 2018, the Incredibles 2 movie was released to an excited audience who had waited fourteen long years to see what happens in the showdown between the Parr family of superheroes and the Underminer supervillain. While the Underminer doesn’t last very long in the movie, a new villain ends up surfacing later on: Screenslaver. This... Continue reading


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