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Mary at the Crossroads of History

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by Rev. Francis J. Hoffman (Fr. Rocky)

Mary at the Crossroads of History

Here’s What to Expect

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    There are key moments in history that changed the course of mankind. From the the discovery of the New World, to the spread of Christianity throughout North and South America in less than a century. Mary was there.
  • Factual

    Discover pivotal points that were much more important in our history than you ever imagined. Battles won, intercessions and guidance given. Throughout it all, Mary was there!

“No one does more to keep Mary in our minds than Father Rocky. Now he tells us why that’s so important: because with Mary on our side, we can change history. This isn’t just a book of facts and dates: it’s a story you can’t put down, and it will inspire you to go out and continue the story in your own life.”

Scott Hahn

– Dr. Scott Hahn, Ph.D.
Catholic Convert and Internationally Acclaimed Author, Teacher, and Speaker

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