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Practical tips for a vibrant relationship, drawn from real-world stories of ordinary couples.

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Featuring words of wisdom from the Bible and the saints about healthy partnership, communication, and family.

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Equipping you with ways to spiritually nurture your love together and every day!

  • Marriage Insurance Insight

    This is a book for people who are married. It’s also for people who were married or are about to be married. It’s also for people who want to be married someday, or people who won’t be married at all.

    In other words, this book about marriage is, actually, for everyone – married or single, Catholic or Christian. Regardless, you’re probably a little anxious about keeping a lifelong marriage. In a world where over half of all marriages break up, how can you make yours last?

    I’m excited to release the newest, updated edition of Marriage Insurance to all of you. With twelve practical steps, pages of marriage stories, and prayers to live by, I’ll bet that your marriage will benefit from this book – and whether you’re going on your first date ever or you’ve been together for fifty years, it’s always the right time to insure your marriage.

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