On the Journey™

Saturdays 11pm-12am ET / 10pm-11pm CT 

On The Journey™ is an hour of information, wisdom, and inspiration to accompany you on your journey of faith. It is produced by Relevant Radio® in cooperation with Lighthouse Catholic Media. The program features a wide range of Catholic speakers--well-known and lesser-known--on a variety of topics, including scripture, sacraments, marriage and family, conversion, and devotions, to name but a few.

On The Journey debuted in the Lenten season of 2011.

Forth coming schedule:


July 25-26 Deacon Dr. Bob McDonald - The Eucharist: Our Very Life


Each hour is available for purchase at www.lighthousecatholicmedia.org or by calling 1-877-526-2012.  You support Relevant Radio when you purchase CDs or other materials through Lighthouse Catholic Media. A portion of your purchase is returned to Relevant Radio to support Catholic radio programming.