Apples to Apples?

By: Father Marcel Taillon

We are all familiar with the Apple Trademark. Every time we power up or down our phones, laptops and tablets we see it. In some sense it is the most often seen symbol in modern culture and society. Every time I see the Apple symbol my thoughts go to the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis and to Jesus. There is no way around it!

The story of creation is followed by the fall known more commonly as “Original Sin”. The Church has believed and taught, that our first parents were tempted in the Garden of Eden by Satan represented by a snake. The dialogue is profound, in that God has created Adam and Eve, who are living in paradise and perfect communion. God’s only request is not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. A tree that has at the time no “bad” apples, unless they are bitten. Satan tempts them in several ways. He calls them to eat the apple, placing doubts that God will always love them. He tempts them with pride in that they “can be like God” if they only disobey Him. There is a sense in the temptation that God is hiding something from them and not being completely honest. The doubts and temptations come to a deadly fruition when they do finally disobey and eat the apple. At that point, everything changes. They hide from God and experience shame. Their nakedness is now a source of self-awareness of passions and lust. They now know that they do not know everything and the freedom that they enjoyed, has been ruined by the rejection of the sovereignty of God Himself. From that moment on, evil temptations are not only external in Satan, but now the propensity to sin is within Adam and Eve. In one sense, all become a “bad apple” of sorts, bitten by the effects of sin and death is born.

The Church believes that each person since this fall, since the apple was bitten inherits Original Sin. We now all sin and deserve to die. How does God respond? He would choose the people of Israel to know the one, true God and taught them to hope for salvation by the prophets. Eventually, God would become Man in the womb of Mary, the new Eve. Jesus Christ, the new Adam came to restore what was lost in the Garden and to redeem mankind. Unlike Eve, who ate the apple, Mary rejects Satan and remains obedient to God, thereby instead crushing his head as referred to in the Book of Revelation.

One could say that when Jesus died on the cross and had Divine and human blood in the Incarnation, he restored the bite taken out of the apple, for all those who recognize his Divinity and receive redemption. The Garden of Gethsemane is the garden of obedience to God, whereby the Garden of Eden will forever be the place of disobedience.

I researched the history of the Apple symbol. Seems like it was not so planned out. Isn’t it strange that the most common of symbols of the most powerful companies in the world, is the same that is found in the story of Christ reminding us of the fall of man, where man wanted to be in control and like God. Every time I power up or down and I see that Apple, it is comforting. It reminds me that Jesus has restored my “Apple” to whole and I have been redeemed. I am glad the Apple has the bite missing. No fall of man, no bitten apple, no need for Jesus. I am glad I finished this piece. I need to power down and remember the cross. Apple stores are amazing places but all their apples are missing a bite. The Catholic Mass is the “real” Apple store. All the apples are whole! Who would buy an Apple with a bite taken out of it? Oh, I know who might try to sell it to you!