2017 March for Life and #FastForLife - Changing the Culture

The idea for a Virtual March for Life was born last year when Morning Air's John Harper was interviewing Catholic author and speaker Marge Fenelon.

From Marge Fenelon's blog: I spoke about my resolve to March from home last year on Relevant Radio’s Morning Air Show, and in the course of my banter with host John Harper, the term “Fast Friday” came to be. We spread the word via social media (#FastFriday) and encouraged others to join Fast Friday by marching from home and contributing spiritually through prayer and fasting. It went over very well.

Relevant Radio has taken up the baton this year as well by holding a Virtual March and encouraging others to 'Fast for Life.' I’m joining in the effort, too, and we’re spreading the word for others to join. We’re using the hashtag #FastForLife.

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On January 27th, thousands upon thousands of people gather togethered in Washington, D.C. to remember the more than 55 million Americans who have been lost to abortion. They march to remember the moms and dads who have suffered from the pain of abortion. They march with the vision of a culture of life, one where every child is welcomed, and protected by law.

"#FastForLife is a way for people to show our solidarity with the March for Life through prayer and fasting." said John Harper, host of Morning Air. Thousands of people from around the world spiritually joined together with the many thousands marching in Washington, D.C. to witness that life matters!

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Even though the March for Life is a national event, listeners on the Relevant Radio App signed up in multiple countries to "Fast for Life". These countries included Canada, South Africa, the Philippines, South Korea, Peru, Japan, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Belgium, and Ireland.

Steve in Minneapolis says, “I am both diabetic and a quadriplegic so I can't fully abstain from food. But I will keep my meals to a bare minimum on this day.”

Mary in Rhode Island is “Praying and will fast on Friday by skipping a meal!”

Jason in North Carolina wrote, “12pm-12am, bread and water fast. In solidarity with the March for Life I am praying and fasting to end abortion for good.”

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Teresa in California says, “I have to work overtime that day. But I will fast by trying to have a cheerful attitude at work & will try to open myself up if someone comes to me for help.”

Colin from Malaysia wrote that he will eat “no meat and fish.” He’ll also “recite the rosary and offer Eucharistic Mass.”

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Matthew Beardsley provided live reports from March for Life throughout the day on Relevant Radio. He also broadcast Live video interviews via Morning Air's Facebook page, to help bring the sights, sounds and excitement of the March for Life to Relevant Radio listeners.

His interviews included students from the The University of Mary in North Dakota. Over 600 hundred proud students, administrators, faculty, staff and friends of the University of Mary wearing orange and blue stocking caps lead the 2017 March for Life.

Beardsley was also able to do Facebook Live interviews with Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York and Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston.

"I'm no longer wired with equipment, but I'm still wired with excitement!" said Matt Beardsley, "This was my very first time participating in the March for life, and thanks to Relevant Radio and the folks at the University of Mary, it is now one of the most memorable experiences of my life. We were given incredible access which allowed me to see the emotion, the energy, and a hope of everyone who stands for life, particularly the younger generation. Most of my reports during the March mentioned the young people there. That's because it was one of the most prominent themes that I could see. Our future full of hope and compassion for life. The opportunity to see the vice President in person and speaking in defense of life is amazing. A great day for the forging of our future."

To further the efforts of the March for Life, Relevant Radio encouraged the participants in the Virtual March to contact their state representatives to express their concern for the unborn. Let your voice be heard by tapping this link. Your participation, fasting and prayers will surely make a difference in the cause of life, because God sees and appreciates all our efforts! Together we can change the culture! Mother Mary, pray for us.