Show Us Your Rosary!

Taking good photos can be tricky. There are many considerations to take into account when trying to capture that great family photo or short video.


Try to capture your family with the light on their faces. Being backlit makes photos look dark. Facing towards the sun or light source will correct this problem.


When taking a photo or video, it's always best to have your phone turned sideways, often referred to as "landscape mode". This allows more people in the shot.


Use a tripod or find some way to have the camera stay still while you shoot your photo or video. Many phones also have a key word they can use to trigger a photo to be taken and just about every phone has a photo timer function. Videos will usually have to have someone shooting the video.

Ideas for photos:

Well lit photos of family members, rosary in hand, the same way they would be listening or watching the Family Rosary Across America. A group shot on the couch, out on the deck or patio, in the pool - wherever your family prays the Rosary!

Video Only issues:

For video  submissions, we cannot, at this time, accept any file larger than 49mb in size. This realistically means that you're going to be limited to a video of 20-30 seconds in length, depending on your phone: iPhones will give you a bit more time for the file size than an Android phone will. This can change based on video settings, resolution, etc. The form will tell you if your file size is too big for us to take. There may be compression settings on your phone that allow you to shrink those sizes down a bit.

Ideas for brief videos:

Simple video of your family together with Rosaries in hand and someone saying "Hi, we're the Smith Family from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and we're praying the Rosary with The Family Rosary Across America!"

"Hi, we're the Johnson Family from Long Beach, California and we pray along with Fr. Rocky on the Family Rosary Across America"

Try several takes and pick the best one!

Video specific to do: Leave a few seconds before your start speaking and a few seconds after you're done speaking. We'll take care of editing those.