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  • Holy Spirit strengthens us even through persecution

    (Vatican Radio) The Holy Spirit strengthens us so that we may bear witness to the Lord even through persecution – even to the point of sacrificing our life.  But also through the small persecutions like gossip and criticism.

  • Why is May the Month of Mary?

    (Lindsey Kettner, Relevant Radio) The month of May is dedicated to Our Blessed Mother, and is a great opportunity to deepen our relationship with the Mother of God.

  • St. Athanasius Against the World

    (WoF) St. Athanasius lived when the blood of the Church’s earliest martyrs was still fresh in the memories of Christians—and the intensity of his faith was a tribute to those who had suffered and died rather than recant the Apostolic Faith.

  • Pope: Ethical Medical Research Requires Morality

    (EWTN) The Holy Father spoke to participants at an April 28-30 conference at the Vatican entitled “Cellular Horizons: How Science, Technology, Information and Communication Will Impact Society.”

  • The Graces of First Holy Communion

    (Lindsey Kettner, Relevant Radio) It’s so important to remember how grace-filled that is, not only for our young people, but also for us who receive the Lord every day or weekly.

  • St Catherine of Siena, Apostle of Mercy

    (Friday, 29 April, is the feast day of one of the Church’s best loved saints, and Doctors of the Church, St Catherine of Siena. Born in 1347 in the Tuscan city of Siena, she was to live only 33 years; but like her Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, in those few brief years, she changed the course of history.

  • How Swiss Guards are bringing the Vatican to your kitchen

    (CNA) The recipes found in The Vatican Cookbook reflect the diverse heritage of both the popes and the guards, ranging from Polish, German, French, Bavarian, Italian and Argentine cuisine.

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