Join our team of Parish, School and Ministry Ambassadors to promote Relevant Radio® at your parish, school or ministry!

Do you love Relevant Radio and want to share your passion for Catholic radio with others? Are you an active member of your parish/school, involved in ministry or even a staff member? Would you be willing to communicate updates regarding Relevant Radio to your parish, school or ministry?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ambassador program?

The Relevant Radio® Ambassador program is one of awareness-raising.  Making sure that everyone in your parish, school and ministry knows about Relevant Radio and the various ways to listen.  There is no fundraising involved.

What is the time commitment?

The average time spent is about 15 hours a year.  Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Act as a Digital Ambassador by sharing and posting Relevant Radio content on your social media
  • Submit digital content for inclusion in your parish bulletin, parent/ministry newsletters and emails
  • Keep Relevant Radio materials on hand at your parish, school or ministry. (Free materials can be ordered online.)
  • Represent Relevant Radio at parish/school/ministry events with a table of promotional materials
  • Visit an RCIA class to introduce Relevant Radio to the newest Catholics.
  • Host an info table at your parish ministry fair (promotional materials provided)
  • Host an info table after mass on an occasional Sunday (promotional materials provided)
  • Place materials at ministry events
  • Many, many more opportunities…

How do I find out if my Parish/School/Ministry has an ambassador?

Take a look at this map!  If you find your Parish, we already have an ambassador.  If you don’t see your parish, we may not. (we update the map every month or so…)

Fill out and submit the form below and we will double check and get back to you ASAP.  If there is not yet someone in place or in progress you will be sent a Pastor Permission Form to have signed.  When it is returned, we will enroll you and send you the materials to start sharing Relevant Radio with your parish, school or ministry!

Why do I have to have the Pastor’s permission?

Items should never be placed in any parish without the Pastor’s permission.  This ensures that your Pastor approves of you representing Relevant Radio at the parish.  You should be an active, registered member of the parish and only represent one parish.  There is only one official ambassador per parish that needs pastor permission but they can have “helpers” or even a committee to assist them.

Please note: all form fields are required.

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  • Note: Each parish, school or ministry must have a single, unique ambassador

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