Welcome to Catholicism 101!

We’re here to help you become a better Catholic. Here is some basic information about the Catholic Faith to get you started:

Are you a practicing Catholic?

Remember, “practice makes perfect!”

To consider yourself a practicing Catholic, try out the “Precepts of the Church” for size! (cf. CCC # 2041-43)

1. Attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation
2. Confession at least once a year
3. Receive Holy Communion during the Easter Season
4. Observe the days of fasting and abstinence
5. Provide for the needs of the Church
6. Marry according to Church regulations

If you attend Sunday Mass half the time, you’re a “50% practicing Catholic.”  And if 50% of Catholics are “50% practicing Catholics”, then the presence of Jesus Christ in the world has been diminished by 75%!

On the other hand, if only 10% of Catholics received Holy Communion daily and confessed their sins monthly, the presence of Jesus Christ would change the world.

Something to think about.

Rev. Francis J. Hoffman, JCD
Executive Director