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Rosary - Holy Thursday

We are proud to present the Family Rosary Across America®. This is the first LIVE and interactive radio program to bring the entire country together at the same time to pray the rosary. Fr. Dave Heney leads the rosary LIVE from Los Angeles, Monday through Friday at 8pm ET / 5pm PT. Fr. Dave, pastor of St. Bruno Catholic Church in Whittier, CA, is the founder of “The University Series”, a large multiparish adult education program and also is the host of the ‘Come, Pray the Rosary’ website.

The rosary is a most powerful prayer, recommended by the Blessed Mother, saints, popes, and ordinary folks who have experienced the mercy of God through the intercession of Our Lady,” said Rev. Francis Hoffman “Fr. Rocky”, Executive Director. “Relevant Radio is truly thrilled that we can now bring the entire country together on a daily basis to pray the rosary as a family. To our knowledge, this has never happened before, and we are full of hope that this pious devotion will bring many graces to our families, listeners, Church and country.”

Host Fr. Dave Heney said, “Imagine your joy as you hear people praying for your intentions, and your joy knowing that your prayers are helping others in our family of faith who are in need! Imagine people all across America joining their voices together in the rosary at the same time. Join your voice with them in this live rosary broadcast.” Listeners can call in or email their prayer intentions each day at 888-914-9149 or rosary@relevantradio.com to be prayed for during the broadcast.

Join us in prayer with the Family Rosary Across America, heard LIVE from Los Angeles to New York, Monday through Friday at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.

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