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Dave DurandFor years, Dave Durand has inspired you during his regular appearances on Morning Air.  Now he’s ready to give your weekend a lift too!

As a baptized Catholic, God is calling you to a higher level of success – at home, at work and in your own community.  This weekend, tune into “The Dave Durand Show” and learn why and how you can better answer that call. Dave will help you discover the many gifts God has given you and teach you about “the Catholic advantage” -  how your gifts can be an “advantage” to your family, boss or co-workers, teammates, neighbors or anyone else around you.This weekend, take some time off from your do-it-yourself projects or another football game and join Dave for upbeat and motivational conversations about life, work, family and the culture around us.  You’ll be a better person for it!

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About Dave

Dave Durand is an author and entrepreneur. He’s recognized as America’s top 100 minds in the arena of Personal Development and is a three time recipient of Glassdoor’s Most respected CEO award. Dave built many companies including BVM, the largest niche media company of its kind. For more than a decade, his regular appearances on Morning Air have been one of the most popular segments on Relevant Radio. His passion for faith and reason is the foundation for his work. Dave is eager to share this passion with his listeners every weekend on Relevant Radio.

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