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The Patrick Madrid Show is your source for the latest in current events and contemporary issues. Join host Patrick Madrid for compelling insights, lively conversations, and encouragement for your day!


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Should I Follow My Conscience?

Grace, a 16 year old singer, is excited about a paying gig, but there’s a catch: she would be singing at a fund-raiser for a politician with non-Catholic views on important issues. Grace asks Patrick if she should take the job or follow her conscience.

Transphobia or Common Sense?

Patrick reports on multiple stories about the Transgender agenda and the repercussions this is having on our society.

Woman Tells Patrick Why She REALLY Hates the Catholic Church

Patrick shares a true story of the time when an ex-Catholic woman berated him about the Catholic Church but eventually revealed the true reasons why she hated the Church. In an amazing twist, that conversation he thought had ending in a complete disaster turned out to be the very thing she needed and resulted in her returning to her faith.


A young woman challenges Patrick on his view points about contraception

A young woman challenges Patrick on his view points about contraception. This is a great segment to play for anyone who’s using, or thinking about using, birth control.

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Patrick Madrid is an acclaimed public speaker and has authored or edited 26 books, which have sold over a million copies worldwide, including foreign language editions. Patrick grew up in Southern California as a life-long Catholic. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Phoenix, as well as B.Phil. in philosophy and an M.A. in theology from the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio. He serves as an adjunct professor of apologetics at Holy Apostles College and Seminary and Saint Patrick’s Seminary and University in Menlo Park, California. He has also taught on the theology faculty at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Patrick and his wife Nancy have been married for 39 years and have been blessed by the Lord with 11 children and 25 grandchildren (so far). His website is patrickmadrid.com.