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  • The Inner Life for April 23, 2018 Fr. Gary Caster- Spiritual Friendships
    Fr. Caster and Chuck discuss what spiritual friendships mean, and why they are important for our faith lives.
    Caller Story- A friend helped me deepen my faith ...
  • The Inner Life for April 20, 2018 Fr. Paul Gawlwoski- Sunday’s Gospel (John 10:11-18)
    Fr. Paul talks about Jesus as the Good Shepherd who calls us, and then tells the story of his call to the priesthood.
    Caller Story- ...
  • The Inner Life for April 19, 2018 Fr. Francis “Rocky” Hoffman- Devotion to Mary
    Fr. Rocky and Chuck talk about the importance of Marian devotion in our spiritual lives.
    Fr. Rocky tells the story of The Shrine of Our ...
  • The Inner Life for April 18, 2018 Fr. Albert Haase- Bl. Stanley Rother and Julia Greeley
    Fr. Albert tells the stories of Bl. Stanley Rother and Julia Greeley, two Americans on their way to sainthood.
    Caller Comment- I love ...
  • The Inner Life for April 17, 2018 Fr. Eric Nielsen- The Challenges of Stay-At-Home Motherhood
    Chuck and Fr. Eric talk about the challenges that mothers who stay at home face.
    Caller Comment- Being a stay-at-home mother was the best ...
  • The Inner Life for April 16, 2018 Fr. James Kubicki, SJ – Discernment
    Chuck and Father discuss discernment and answer callers’ questions about the topic.
    Caller Comment – She is positive that God had a plan for all of ...
  • The Inner Life for April 13, 2018 Fr. Sam Martin – Sunday’s Gospel
    Chuck and Fr. discuss Sunday’s Gospel and answer calls related to the topic.
    Caller Comment – She shares an experience of going to confession during Holy ...
  • The Inner Life for April 12, 2018 Msgr. Don Sawyer – The Resurrection and Easter
    Chuck and Msgr. discuss the Resurrection and Easter, and answer calls related to the topic.
    Caller Question – How can we approach our sorrows ...
  • The Inner Life for April 11, 2018 Fr. Rick Heilman – Rosary to the Borders
    Chuck and Fr. Rick discuss the Rosary and our Blessed Mother.
    Caller Comment – Shares personal testimony on her husband coming back after praying ...
  • The Inner Life for April 10, 2018 Fr. Peter Armenio – Easter Joy in the Midst of Loss, Suffering, and Death
    Chuck and Fr. Peter discuss finding Easter Joy in the midst of hardship.
    Caller Question – Her husband ...

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The Inner Life® with Chuck Neff is one-on-one Spiritual Direction on the radio. Every day, a Catholic priest joins listeners to offer spiritual advice and guidance designed to assist you along your faith journey, speaking about a variety of topics to help you overcome sin, grow in virtue, and strengthen your faith.

About Chuck Neff

Chuck Neff, the host of The Inner Life®, is a veteran broadcast journalist. A graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, he has worked as a TV news reporter in Chicago, Denver, and St. Louis.  Chuck has also traveled the world producing documentaries in the Holy Land, as well as South America and Eastern Europe. In 1999, Chuck coordinated the worldwide television pool coverage for the Pastoral Visit of Pope John Paul II to the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Chuck and his wife, Judy, live in St. Louis.  They have four children and nine grandchildren.