Risking His Life For A Sheep – December 6, 2022

Bible Study: (2:58)

Is 40:1-11

  • Do Shepherds break the bones of sheep’s legs? 

Mt 18:12-14

  • Why risk one’s life for a sheep? 


  • (18:17) – An usher wouldn’t let me into mass
  • (19:45) – Question about cleaning ladies at mass
  • (22:44) – Can you change the psalm at mass? 
  • (27:48) – I don’t understand Father’s beef with the ushers
  • (29:31) – Stay in your pew during the funeral mass? 

Word of the Day: Glory (34:36)


  • (35:55) – Question about ‘gods’ in John 10:34
  • (37:54) – If I lied in confession and realized it later, do I have to go back to confession? 
  • (42:05) – Question about Lazarus, and poor man who doesn’t get the crumb.  Could you explain?
  • (45:52) – The GIRM does allow for a seasonal psalm
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