When Truth Hurts, Surviving New Age, Yoga & Abortion 7.21.20 

  • Listener convicted by truth. Planned Parenthood of Greater New York plans to remove the name of Margaret Sanger, a founder of the national organization, from its Manhattan health clinic because of her “harmful connections to the eugenics movement,”
  • Guest, Patricia Sandoval: born Catholic but not practicing; her mother’s journey into new age movement introduced her to a life of “self” through Yoga, Chakras, and the occult.
  • Planned Parenthood sex ed at age twelve distorted her view of sexuality and love.
  • Does abortion hurt women?  Patricia shares the story of her unexpected pregnancies, abortions and post abortive syndrome. 
  • Working at Planned Parenthood; post abortive healing; coming back to the sacraments.