Monday-Friday of Holy Week, 6pm CT

Close to Jesus to the Last: The Passion of Christ in Five Parts. A special five-part Holy Week mission series presented by our own Father Rocky. Each day we’ll pause for an hour to take a deeper look at all the events that led to the crucifixion and glorious resurrection of Our Lord. Father will walk us through Christ’s Passion with special reflections, teachings, specially selected music and prayer.

Part I: Monday of Holy Week – Anointing at Bethany
Join Fr. Rocky as he reflects on the power of Holy Week and asks the question: who will be close to Jesus to the last? In today’s Gospel we hear of Mary pouring out precious perfume on Jesus’ feet. How generous am I with God?


Part II: Tuesday of Holy Week – The Betrayal of Jesus
Fidelity is forged in the little things, says Fr. Rocky. Do I let pride lead me astray? Do I take matters into my own hands or do I lean on God?


Part III: Wednesday of Holy Week – The Trial of Jesus
Fr. Rocky reflects on the importance of prayer, a well-formed conscience, and not being afraid to share our Faith. Do I speak up in defense of Our Lord or do I deny Him when things get tough?


Part IV: Holy Thursday – The Holy Eucharist & the Agony in the Garden
Fr. Rocky offers a powerful reflection on Our Lord’s institution of the Holy Eucharist and His ensuing Agony in the Garden, revealing Our Lord’s tremendous love for each one of us. Will I also go away or will I remain close to Jesus?


Part V: Good Friday – Jesus is Crucified
Fr. Rocky meditates on the Seven Last Words of Christ and the spirit of forgiveness that permeated the life of Christ. Do I place my trust in God when suffering comes my way?