Fun & Fast-Paced

Fun and Fas Paced

Test your faith knowledge with 14 fast-paced quizzes covering pop culture, Catholic doctrine, stellar saints, and even sports!

Factual & Fascinating

Factual and Fascinating

Embrace the substantive, sometimes whimsical insights the inexhaustibly rich Catholic Church has to offer, perfect for all backgrounds of faith!

Faith Formation

Faith Formation

Expand your understanding from the very beginning tenents of our faith to tidbits that had even our theologians learning something new.

Who was the first pope to fly in an airplane? Who was the first American citizen to be canonized a saint? Find these answers and more with InQUIZition!

In my nearly four decades as a teacher of the Catholic Faith and a show host, I’ve always been pleasantly surprised to learn just how many people really enjoy little tests of their faith knowledge. That desire is all throughout the Church today, among the curious Catholic and the Catholic curious alike. We all want to know more, especially about the Truth; is there a better way to learn something new quickly than by quizzing yourself?

That’s why my new book is for everyone! It’s jam-packed with questions of all kinds designed to make you think and grow – and to ensure you’ve learned something new with each and every expansive, fascinating, and fun quiz question-and-answer!

Patrick Madrid: Author and host of The Patrick Madrid Show on Relevant Radio

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Patrick Madrid,
Author of InQUIZition and host of The Patrick Madrid Show

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