"The moment is now"

The Memorae Moment by Rev. Francis J. Hoffman

There’s no time like the present for this prayer of peace, promise, and protection.

  • Encounter the profound and Christ-centered theology that underlines this quick, easy to memorize Marian devotion.

  • Experience its impact through inspiring stories in history – and throughout Father Rocky's life.

  • Find out why we pray it every day at Relevant Radio and why now is the time to join us!

Fr. Rocky

The time for us to stand up and pray is now! Our friends, families, and world need to urgently turn to this powerful prayer and our Blessed Mother’s guiding hand. This is the moment for Our Lady’s maternal intercession to bring about a change of hearts, a change of laws and a change of culture.

When I wrote this book, drawing from my own experience and from the lives of very recent saints, I asked that readers incorporate the Memorare into their days for an end to legal abortion; the moment to release this book is now, as we wait for the verdict of a case that could protect the unborn and their families from abortion in the USA. This is the Memorare Moment.

I’m excited to release The Memorare Moment, updated and new, to all of you in these historic times. I hope that in its pages you find inspiration to give the easy, impactful, and memorizable Memorare a chance – you might be surprised what Our Lady will do with your prayers!

Rev. Francis J. Hoffman, Executive Director and CEO of Relevant Radio

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Here’s what others have to say…

  • Over the course of my life as a priest I have discovered that we, the Church, cannot be the family of God without a Mother. To read the short book, "The Memorare Moment" is to discover the unbroken history and reality of the motherhood of Mary. I cannot recommend it too highly.

    Fr. Richard SimonHost of Fr. Simon Says
  • As Catholics, our faith is relational, familial and passed on by stories. Fr. Rocky in "The Memorare Moment" combines moving stories from his childhood along with lives of the Saints to remind us and inspire us to live like the children of God that we are!

    Teresa S. Bettag, Ph.D.
  • The book brought the prayer into focus for me and I loved learning the history of it. I will certainly be saying it daily to add to your Memorare Meter for an end to abortion. The last few days have really shown that it is possible!

    Heidi Hazzard
  • There is no more perfect moment to be reminded of our Blessed Mother’s endless care for her children then right now.

    Deacon John Cleveland
  • The Memorare Moment reminds us of Our Lady’s great love for all of her children-ALL of us. It also reinforces the fact that family prayer will lead to a conversion of society. Praying the Memorare has brought great graces to my life - not always what was asked for, but usually something even better!

    Cecelia Helenski, DVM