On the Night Train - An audio Mystery Adventure for the Whole Family!

It’s 1879, and Edith and Paul Mallard are excited to be on the rails as George Pullman’s Night Train races Webster Wagner’s Midnight Express from Chicago to Sacramento, both in the hopes of being crowned king of the rails. But when mysterious accidents begin to slow the Night Train’s progress, it’s up to these two brave children to find out what’s happening and save the train before it goes off the rails.

Featuring a wide range of characters and a race filled with mystery, we invite you and your family to join Edith and Paul on their cross-country journey now. Subscribe for free to stay on track every week with this 21-episode adventure!


The Merry Beggars

Who are The Merry Beggars?

The Merry Beggars are the entertainment division of Relevant Radio programming. With wholesome stories with a focus on truth that uplifts the family and sees the world through the lens of beauty and adventure, these imaginative and exciting audio shows (such as Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, which debuted in December) are engaging to an audience of all ages, letting your imagination conduct the story with powerful scripts, lively characters, intriguing plots and meaningful themes.