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    Media with a Mission:

    Relevant Radio® brings Christ to the world through the media, providing inspiring, informative, and engaging Catholic radio programs on air and online.

    When you invest in underwriting on the Relevant Radio platform, you’re investing in the largest Catholic Radio Network in the country. You’re also telling your potential customers and your community that you believe in faith, family, and community – classic Catholic values!

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Why Radio

  • Radio is Everywhere

    Radio is on 24/7 and reaches 90% of persons 12+ hours each week. That’s over 277 million people.

    The U.S. Online Radio audience is about one out of three persons.

  • Radio is Expanding

    Radio is increasing content with streaming channels, HD radio, branded websites and podcasts.

  • Radio is Memorable

    Radio listeners are receptive to underwriting spots. No time shifting, no below the fold and no load times. Listening surveys from 2016 highlight 92% retention, 2011 highlights 93% retention and 2006 highlights 92% retention. They hear the messages.

  • underwriting testimonials

    The University of Mary’s partnership with Relevant Radio has been tremendously fruitful through the years. We’ve been able to reach a unique, educated, and faithful audience of listeners who love the Church. It’s been truly wonderful!

    Msgr. James P. Shea - President of the University of Mary

  • underwriting testimonials

    Our relationship with Relevant Radio is far more than a simple part of our promotion strategy, it is a partnership and one that goes both ways.  At the heart of it, our shared Catholic Values are the foundation of our common goal of reaching Catholics.

    Mark Walsworth - Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Catholic Order of Foresters

  • underwriting testimonials

    Solidarity HealthShare's community of faithful Catholics, who share in one another's medical needs, owes much of our growth to our partnership with Relevant Radio.

    Chris Faddis. President, Solidarity HealthShare

With stations from Maine to Maui and from Northern Michigan to Miami, we’re in your community! Your customers are our listeners.

In October 2020, Relevant Radio made the transition from Commercial to Non-Commercial radio.  This means that going forward, Relevant Radio will offer Underwriting Sponsorships to interested parties.  There are a few differences between Underwriting and Advertising.

Underwriting spots can:

  • Describe your business, its location, age, and how to contact you.
  • Describe a product, service, or event.
  • Describe a corporate mission.
  • Inform the public of events you sponsor.
  • Include a non-promotional corporate slogan.

Please note: All underwriting must be approved by Relevant Radio staff and Relevant Radio has final say on all copy used on the air.

To find out more about underwriting with Relevant Radio, get in touch with us!

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