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Frequently Asked Questions:

I really like this book!  Can I sign someone else up to receive it?

We’re so glad you like our book. However, because of privacy laws, we can’t sign anyone up without their permission. We encourage you to direct them to www.relevantradio.com/vote to sign up for their own copy.

Why don’t I see the email?

  • Please check your spam folder to see it ended up in that folder.
  • Did you give us the correct email address?  Sometimes there are typo’s.
  • How long has it been?  Some email providers limit email receiving and it may take up to an hour to receive the email from our automated system.

What format will the book be in?

The book will be available as your choice of

  • PDF – readable on just about any device. If you wish to read the book on your desktop/laptop computer, choose PDF.
  • ePub – Apple or Android (and many other e-book readers) support ePub.
  • Mobi – Supported by Amazon Kindle.