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The Papal Conclave


Habemus Papam! We have a Pope! Please join us in praying for our new Holy Father.

A Prayer for the Holy Father, Pope Francis

O God, source of all knowledge and goodness, look with favor upon your servant, whom you have chosen to shepherd your Church here on earth. Give him wisdom and courage, strength and health, compassion and knowledge. Keep him close to you as he guides the flock you have entrusted to him. Grant him by his word and example to be a faithful and holy leader and keep him in your care now and all the days of his life. Amen.


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Cardinal Sandri: \'John Paul II taught us what it means following God\'s will until the end\'
Cardinal Sandri: \'John Paul II taught us what it means following God\'s will until the end\' Argentinian cardinal Leonardo Sandri was the first person to tell the world that John Paul II had passed away. From: romereports Views: 11 1 ratings Time: 02:15 More in News & Politics
John Paul II legacy includes more than 1800 new saints and blesseds
One of the most eye-catching statistics from the pontificate of John Paul II is the number of people he canonized and beatified, in all, more than 1800. From: romereports Views: 37 1 ratings Time: 02:08 More in News & Politics
The city of Rome gets ready to welcome hundreds of thousands of pilgrims
With such a popular canonization like that of John Paul II and John XXIII, there\'s a lot of behind the scenes work that comes into play. Everything from transportation and security to volunteers and ushers. From: romereports Views: 35 2 ratings Time: 02:09 More in News & Politics
John XXIII, eight achievements of a revolutionary pontificate
After his election to the papacy, John XXIII quickly became known as the "Good Pope" by Christians who worked closely with him and knew him personally. Largely recognized for convoking the Second Vatican Council, John XXIII was also known for his simple charity that endured throughout his papacy and had a lasting impact on the Church. From: romereports Views: 67 2 ratings Time: 02:51 More in News & Politics
The Strength of Diplomacy: John Paul II and his meetings with world leaders
John Paul II was one of the most influential people of the 20 century. With that title, comes a lot of responsibility...which includes meeting world leaders. The list is pretty long. Included is Fidel Castro. From: romereports Views: 458 23 ratings Time: 03:44 More in News & Politics






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