Baptism gives us strength to conquer evil, says Pope Francis

I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13

Pope Francis continued his catechesis on baptism Wednesday morning during his general weekly audience. He spoke about the graces and strength that we receive through the sacrament of baptism. “This is a gift of the Holy Spirit and this gift actually helps us to fight against spirits of evil, which are constantly bombarding us throughout our lives,” reported Ashley Noronha, Relevant Radio® Vatican Correspondent.

The Holy Father focused on “the oil of the catechumens, which is of course part of that rite of baptism. And he spoke about that anointing of the oil on the chest and he equated that to fighters of long ago and that they would cover their bodies with oil in order to easily escape their enemy if they should be captured … so in a similar way he drew a parallel that this is a way that we can slip away from the grasp of evil,” said Noronha.

In baptism, we are welcomed into the family of the Church so we need not face spiritual battles alone. “Mother Church is praying that we, her children, will become renewed and regenerated by baptism and that we will not fall under the snares of the Evil One but instead, we will conquer through the power of Christ.”

Baptism gives us new life. “The Holy Father said that through baptism … our eyes become open, open like the blind man that was healed by Jesus. It’s as though we come forth from the dead, just like Lazarus came out of the tomb.” With baptism, we have the prayer power of the entire Church and Communion of Saints behind us.

Pope Francis quoted the baptismal rite, saying, “God sends his son into the world to destroy the power of Satan and to transfer man from darkness to the kingdom of infinite light.”

It’s with Christ’s light that we receive through baptism that we are able to “fight against the spirit of evil in our everyday lives,” reported Noronha.


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