The Inner Life for June 5, 2018

Fr. Tom Wilson- Summer Spirituality

Chuck and Fr. Tom discuss how it is important to keep up our spiritual lives during summer vacation.

Caller Story- Whenever I take my sons fishing every year, we make sure that we have our Mass schedule figured out.

Caller Story- When I ask for Catholic Churches in places I’m visiting, it works as a great tool for evangelization!

Caller Comment- I work in tourism industry, and I have to ramp up my spiritual life during the summer to deal with tourists.

Caller Story- My parents took us to Mass every Sunday, even when we were camping, and it kept me in the Church as an adult.

Caller Comment- We include family prayer at different times when we are on long road trips.

Caller Story- We sign up for adoration once a week as a family during the summer.

Caller Story- We learn the history of the local church of every place we visit.