Father Simon Says for December 26, 2018

(Encore Hour)

Daily Bible Study- Fr. Simon talks about the Letter to Titus and the evil of explaining away sins, especially contraception.

Teutonic Tirade (Part 3)- Clericalism in the Church and the need for a do-it-yourself mentality.

Caller Comment- Thank you for your help in my faith journey- you have helped me a lot!
Words of the Day- Useless, helpfulness/generous (brotherly) love.

Caller Comment- I disagree with you- I think we can bring back all-male altar servers.

Caller Question- What should I do if I have baptized my grandchildren because their parents wouldn’t.

Caller Question- Is Jesus’s prophecy about the destruction of Jerusalem was correct, why is the Wailing Wall still standing?

Caller Questions- What went wrong with our liturgy? What can we, the laity, do to reform the liturgy?