God-incidences: times God has worked in unexpected ways

Has something in your life worked out in a way you didn’t expect or you were led in a different direction that brought you something you never imagined? Maybe you were spared from a bad accident, met your spouse, or sat next to someone on a bus who really needed you to come into their life (or the other way around!). Were you able to see God’s hand in the situation?

Drew Mariani spoke about God-incidences and asked listeners to call in with stories of their own. As usual, Relevant Radio listeners did not disappoint. Here are a few of the stories shared.

Jean from Wisconsin shares a story about how God led her son to a career change that ended up changing his life:

“I have to tell you about my son Michael. He was 27 years old; he’d been working in banking ever since he graduated from college. And he wasn’t into the dating, bar scene and everything like that. … Finally, about a year and a half ago he said, I’m just done with banking—I’m just going to take a totally different break. So he got a job as a custodian at a local high school and it just shocked us because he’s not the kind of person that we would expect to have that kind of a job.

mop“So he’s working there for a little while and all of a sudden a nice young lady in one of the offices has a few maintenance issues that she thought maybe Michael could handle. So he handled the issues and she baked him some brownies. And then he woke up and realized, maybe I could ask her out! Long story short: they are engaged to be married and he quit his job as a custodian and he is back in the banking world. … God led him to his future wife through a very unusual job [change]!”

Tina in Pennsylvania shares how God worked through her to save a life:

“My best friend who I hadn’t seen in probably six months or a year, I was talking to her on the phone and I know she has all these chronic illnesses but she was sick and getting sicker. So one day I said, that’s it I’m going up there and I’m going to visit her. Took me two hours to get to her house. I said, ‘Get out of bed. I’m taking you to the hospital.’ She said to come back in an hour and I said no, I’m taking you to the hospital now.

“So I took her out of bed, I drove her an hour to get her to the hospital. They put her down on a table, they strapped her to an EKG; ten minutes later there were ten doctors around her and she was having a heart attack then and there and had to have a stent put in.”

crucifixFrank from New Jersey spoke about the unexpected way the Lord converted his Buddhist girlfriend:

“I was dating my wife and she happens to be from Korea. And for quite a while I kept thinking, she’s Buddhist and there’s really no way that I believe I could marry somebody who is outside the Faith. I went to … Trenton and we couldn’t find a bathroom. And there was a real nice priest outside the door of this church and I asked him if my wife could use the bathroom. And he was like, yeah sure. So … as we were walking out she goes, ‘Who is that statue of there?’

“And I was like, ‘That’s Jesus on the Cross.’

“She goes, ‘I got the warmest feeling when I was standing there looking at him.’ … Literally within two months—it almost shamed me because she was so much more of a zealous Christian than me! And we’re together to this day.”

Listen to the full podcast with more God-incidences here:


Lindsey is a wife, mother, and contributing author at Relevant Radio. She holds a degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Lindsey enjoys writing, baking, and liturgical living with her young family.