Meet Patrick’s Newest Little Fan, Enid Madrid

Do you think you’re Patrick Madrid’s number one fan? Well, this little girl probably has you beat. I mean, she is named after him.

The Fuller Family met Patrick in Phoenix, Arizona, at the start of their pregnancy. After their daughter was born on September 23, they sent a heartwarming letter to him to tell the story of their daughter’s birth and the special meaning behind her name.

Here’s what they wrote:

Enid Madrid
Enid Madrid Fuller

Hi Patrick!

My husband and I had the privilege of meeting you in Phoenix, AZ last January at Blessed Sacrament Church. We shared with you the fact that we had just discovered we were expecting our 11th baby! You had asked us about our children’s names (Piper, Aphton, Lyric, Silas, Ollie, Fable, Juneau, Cosette, Raina, and Winsome), and you let us know that “Patrick” is always a good name to consider for a new baby. :) Well, our sweet baby girl arrived last Monday, September 23rd, and we named her Enid Madrid Fuller. The first letters of the children’s first names actually form an acronym…PALS OF JC R WE… :) This acronym helps others remember all of our children’s names, and it also helps us share our faith, as the “JC” stands for Jesus Christ. We recognize that all of our children are such a precious gift and blessing from The Lord, and they are His. We are simply privileged to be able to love them and teach them and enjoy them here on earth.

While the first names of our children fit into this acronym, their middle names are chosen to honor someone influential in our lives. Patrick, our family is so grateful for your amazing program. You have been such an encouragement, not only with what you say, but how you say it. You have kindness and compassion with all of your callers. You speak truth wrapped in humility, love, and charity. Your program has helped our faith to deepen, and we are grateful. Therefore, it seemed fitting to use the name “Madrid” as Enid’s middle name. :) So, we just wanted to share with you the fact that there is a new little listener and fan of the show… our sweet baby #11, Enid Madrid Fuller. :)

Thank you for all you do! May God bless you and your family!

Very sincerely,

The Fuller Family
Tim, Jenny and PALS OF JC R WE
Piper, Aphton, Lyric, Silas, Ollie, Fable, Juneau, Cosette, Raina, Winsome, and Enid

Fuller Family
Fuller Family
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