Food For My Spirit

We’re almost one week into this Lenten Season. Are you deepening your faith the way you hoped that you would? If not, it isn’t too late!

Over 82,000 people are setting aside just one minute per day to enhance their faith and love for the liturgy. It’s so simple and free—just subscribe to Father Rocky’s 40 Lenten Lessons on the Mass and you’ll receive a one-minute daily catechesis in your inbox each of the 40 days of Lent.

Here are some stories from just a few of the souls who have found inspiration in this year’s Lenten Lessons.

Growing in faith

So far it has been a very informative series and we are just [a few] days in. I can’t tell you how many times I have been to Mass unaware of all the symbolism of the altar. Makes one appreciate the Mass even more.
Thanks, Nick

Thank you, Fr. Rocky. This is my second year hearing Lenten Lessons. I love them. When they finished I thought why doesn’t he post them everyday? But then I thought the fact that I had to wait until Lent for them to return makes me savor receiving them. Thank you again for your teachings. They give me food for my spirit.

My thanks. I have been a Catholic for all of my 77 years, but have walked away from my religion 40 years ago. After speaking with a very close, faithful friend, I am giving up my resentment of my religion this Lent. This will take slow steps and a willingness to look within. Perhaps your lessons will guide me.

Thank you Fr. Rocky!  I look forward to learning more about my faith before I share it with others, and your programs will help me a lot.

Spreading the word

Father Rocky, These short snippets are the best thing you guys can do to help us in our Lenten journey together. I told everyone in my small group this morning at TMIY so hopefully, you will get more registrants joining from NE WI today.
Blessings, Brent

Wow!  I am so very happy with the 40 Lenten Lessons!  I am sharing with our parishioners on our social media outlets!!
Sharon of NJ

I shared this with my grandchildren and one of them already shared it with his friends!!!  GOD BLESS YOU!!

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