Pandemic brings families together in prayer

If you’re stuck at home and your family’s schedule has been cleared of all appointments, extracurricular activities, and errands, you might have found yourself with a lot of extra time. While our day-to-day schedules have been thrown off balance, perhaps you’ve found that the gift of some more time at home has been an opportunity to go deeper in prayer.

That’s certainly the case for one family in New Jersey who called Trending with Timmerie, a new daily show on the Relevant Radio® network, to share their experience.

“I always wanted to pray the Rosary with my family. And I never found the right time—we were always so busy with piano and ballet and school and everything,” explained Marcela. Sound familiar? So many families have taken a step back from their packed and busy schedules to find the rare opportunity of quality time together.

“During this quarantine, we’ve been able to pray the Rosary pretty much on a daily basis,” Marcela continued. “And I’m grateful, I think it’s been a blessing for all of us—my two kids and my husband and I. And it’s just one of the fruits of this quarantine that God has allowed in my family and I’m just very grateful for that.”

Timmerie reminded us to not overlook the gift of a little extra time to be with our Lord and to pray with our family. “Sometimes in the daily busyness of life, we don’t have those opportunities to connect to God in the same way. Maybe one of those great lessons is: we need to take the time. We need to be intentional about that time.”

Will you let this interruption in your normal routine be an opportunity to grow closer to Christ? And even more, will you carry that over into your day-to-day life once things go back to ‘normal’?

Marcela told Timmerie that her family always listened to her weekend show on Sundays, and they are so happy that she’s beginning a daily show on the Relevant Radio network. Trending with Timmerie debuted on April 13 on Relevant Radio. It can be heard weekdays at 6-7pm CT only on Relevant Radio®.


Lindsey is a wife, mother, and contributing author at Relevant Radio. She holds a degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Lindsey enjoys writing, baking, and liturgical living with her young family.