Hurricane Laura: Nothing short of a miracle

Hurricane Laura made landfall early Thursday morning on the Gulf Coast near Louisiana and Texas. The Category 4 storm moved north through Louisiana and weakened to a tropical storm by midday on Thursday.

As of Thursday evening, over 800,000 people were without power and at least six people had died in Louisiana. Damage was extensive from the storm, which had sustained winds reaching 150 mph. Warnings of tornados and flooding followed in its wake.

The full extent of the damage will take days to uncover, but overall, the storm was not nearly as devastating as predicted.

Drew Mariani was joined on Thursday afternoon by Dr. Nina Liefeste, who evacuated with her family ahead of Hurricane Laura. Her family lives in Orange, Texas, right along the Louisiana border; they received mandatory evacuation orders on early Tuesday morning.

The track of Hurricane Laura was predicted to go straight for their home, but Nina says what really happened was a miracle. “They were preparing us for just catastrophic damage, unimaginable damage. And so we were up near Palestine, TX, enjoying a beautiful sunny day, just marveling at the miracle that we’ve experienced overnight,” she explained.

“A slight wobble was all the difference in the world from nine to 16-foot storm surges predicted, to four inches of rain and that was it! A lot of wind damage, a lot of infrastructure damage. But I tell you, we dodged a huge bullet and my family and friends, anyone in my news feed is just recognizing that this is nothing short of a miracle,” said Nina.

While Texas was mostly spared, Louisiana received the brunt of the storm. We continue to pray for all those without power, those who have lost their homes and businesses, and everyone who has been affected. We especially pray for those who have lost their lives and the loved ones they leave behind.

Our Lady of Fair Skies, pray for us!

For more on Hurricane Laura, including an interview with a meterologist, listen below:

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