Receiving Communion / Burial / St. Margaret of Scotland

It’s Mailbag Monday, where Cale answers your questions about the Catholic faith.
Listener Questions:

* Our bishop requests communion in the hand. I was advised to come up for a blessing if I didn’t want to receive in the hand. Should I do so out of respect of the bishop’s order? Or refrain from the line to receive and stay in the pew or at home and make spiritual communion?
* What is the difference between spiritual laziness and not knowing what to do?
* As a Catholic and someone who served in the military, can I be buried in a national cemetery for veterans? Does it need to be consecrated ground?
* Does being slothful tie in with the Gospel reading on the parable of the talents?
* Making sports and daily activities a form of prayer

Plus, Cale shares about St. Margaret of Scotland whose feast day is today, November 16.
Link to show with former NHL All-Star MVP John Scott: Fighting for Catholic Manhood:
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