Seeking Healing in Your Family Tree

Have you ever heard of generational healing? Have you heard that the effects of demonic activity and spiritual trauma can ripple through families, plaguing future generations? Some believe that the evils suffered by many of us today—addiction, mental illness, divorce, physical ailments—in some instances may be caused by the sins, curses, or demonic activity invoked by one’s ancestors. Though some attribute them all to genetics or upbringing, others acknowledge that a spiritual component sometimes plays a role.

Fr. Mark Baron knows firsthand how freeing it can be to find healing from the wounds of your family tree. While studying in the seminary, Fr. Baron said that they spent time growing in self-knowledge, trying to discover their weaknesses and their “woundedness.” In this process, he uncovered something that “felt like a black cancer” within himself.

As a priest, he got to know someone who specialized in healing, and she helped to uncover the fact that Fr. Baron’s maternal grandfather was a Freemason. She gave Fr. Baron and his mother a prayer of deliverance for the descendants of Freemasonry.

“It took us thirty minutes to pray through it because you have to go through and break all these crazy curses because of all these oaths that these Masons swear throughout their time in the Masonic Lodge. So I persevered through it and when I got done, I felt like this spiritual straight jacket was taken off my soul. I felt this incredible freedom that I’d never felt before,” said Fr. Baron.

It’s important to note that generational sin does not pass the guilt from a sin onto you, but possibly the effects of the sin. “When a person sins and they sin in a big way, and that person who sins is an authority figure, that opens the door up to the bad spirits. And when you open the door up to the demonic, and especially if you’re an authority figure, then it gives it kind of a free rein within the generational line,” explained Fr. Baron.

He brought this knowledge with him in his priesthood. As a spiritual director, he worked with a person who was struggling from depression and suicidal thoughts. He learned that they had Freemasonry on both sides of the family. After they prayed the same prayer of deliverance, this man told Fr. Baron that his suicidal thoughts were gone.

God work in mysterious ways. He works through spiritual direction, deliverance prayers, and spiritual healing. But in many instances, His healing can also be found in conventional methods of traditional medicine, counseling, and other means. If you are struggling with the weight of addiction or mental illness, physical ailments, or any such cross, seek help from a trained professional in your area. But if you continue to feel the burden of these evils, don’t discount the power of spiritual healing as well.

If you believe that you or someone you love could benefit from spiritual healing—first ensure that you are living in a state of grace. Attend Mass at least every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation and make time for regular Confession. Rid your life of influences or sins that might welcome spiritual attack. And then seek the guidance of a priest or spiritual director.

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