DC and statehood

  • Hour 1 of 3-24-21
  • Drew gives you the latest stories. What does President Biden plan to do with guns? Are your 2A rights at risk? Also, the problem at the border is discussed. VP Harris seemed to laugh when asked if she will visit the border – hear her comments. And Drew updates you on the HR1 bill dealing with voting rights.
  • Should DC be given statehood status? What about Puerto Rico? Is it constitutional? Well, there’s a push to make it happen, and some Republicans are worried that this is a part of the Democrat’s radical agenda to get more Democratic votes. Hear insight from Zack Smith.
  • Good news – the teen abortion rate is falling! There’s also been a decline in teen pregnancies, so is there a positive shift in society? What could this be attributed to? Dr. Michael New complements the great work the pro-life movement is doing; hear more of this thoughts.
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