The Patrick Madrid Show: March 31, 2021 – Hour 3

  • Dan – Question about how Matthew 26:29, “Wont drink of the cup again”, contradicts John 19:30
  • Gary – In John 6. Some people left after the bread of life discourse. Why did some of the people stay? What did they think?
  • Joseph – Question on MT 24 and Jesus’ discourse in the end times.
  • Patrick answers an email question about who can be a Godparent
  • Louis – Could you please recommend a book on Eucharistic miracles and incorruptibles?
  • Kristen – What type of Bible should I get?
  • Tina – I am in RCIA and coming into the Church and have a question about confession
  • Bill – Wouldn’t it have made Jesus more human to have had brothers and sisters?
  • Rosalinda – How do I explain to first communion students, why did Jesus die?
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