Trump’s new social media platform/Plight of the Belarusians

  • Hour 1 of 3-22-21
  • In a news roundup, Drew tells you about the new opportunity to bet on the NCAA tournament. With sports betting becoming legal in some states, fans are flocking to reopened casinos to place their bets. Local bar owners are loving the business! Also, is former President Trump starting a new social media platform in a few months? His former advisor said it will be happening shortly! Will you join it?
  • You may not know what’s happening to the Belarusians. You may not even know where Belarus is on a map. But they are being oppressed by their corrupt government as many are trying to flea. Being apprehended by police, unspeakable things are being done to them. The violence is horrible. Hear more about this from Glenn Howard and what is being done.
  • Fran Maier is in to talk about a new piece of writing from Archbishop Chaput! He wrote “Things Worth Dying For” You could get it at your local Catholic bookstore or here.
  • Drew tells you the story of a priest who was given a second chance on earth. He had a near death experience where he was told by Jesus that he deserved hell. But Mary pleaded with our Lord to give him another chance. What happened next? Listen to find out!
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