Armenian Genocide

  • Hour 3 of 4-22-21
  • Ed Morrissey talks to his friend King Banaian about events in Turkey. Will President Biden recognize the Armenian genocide?
  • With all of the unrest that’s going on in our country right now, it can force your mind to think about final things, including death – especially your own death. And with some of the violence that we’ve seen and how some people have died, it can lead you to ask the question, what is really worth dying for? You would hope that things like family, friends, honor and virtue would be near the top of the list. And at the very top, of course, the Person worth dying for is God. Being a martyr is a special grace, a grace that we hope we won’t need in our country any time soon. But with the way our society is headed, we’re going to need people who can put those values of family, friends, honor and virtue at the top of the list of things they will die for.Retired Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia has been reflecting on these things and he’s written a new book entitled Things Worth Dying For: Thoughts on a Life Worth Living. John Harper and Glen Lewerenz of Relevant Radio’s Morning Air interviewed the good Archbishop about his new book the other day. It’s a really great discussion, so we’re going to replay it for you today.
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