The Patrick Madrid Show: April 13, 2021 – Hour 1

  • Woman finds $1.2 million in her Schwab account, police say she moved it and bought a car and a house. Schwab says they only meant to deposit $82 into her account
  • Mark – Question about Guardian Angels and having a good relationship with them
  • Haley – Infant Baptism
  • Andrew – Do guardian angels have any other job than protecting us from sin?
  • Bobby – I teach Catechetics and don’t like being called by my last name. Is it ok to have students call me by my first name?
  • Haitian bishops condemn kidnappings of Catholic priests, nuns – Catholic World Report
  • Pat – When did they change from the Holy Ghost to the Holy Spirit and why?
  • Hector – Do you have to be a saint to have your image on the Rosary?
  • Jake – The angel Shamsiel. Do you know who this is?
Holy Land Pilgrimage with Drew Mariani
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