The Patrick Madrid Show: April 23, 2021 – Hour 1

  • Monica – Is divorce a sin, and can you receive communion if you get one?
  • Dana – Can a Catholic minster a non-Catholic wedding?
  • Don – He is a nurse. He may have to administer COVID shots. What should he do?
  • Patrick shares an email from Linda who comments on never having children and the loneliness she feels, but knows it was God’s will
  • Ignatius – Disagrees with the conclusion Patrick came to the other day about his confession story.
  • Bruce – We live in a Bizarro world
  • Helen – What is the church’s stance, if any, on Artificial Intelligence?
  • ***Nugget near the end of Helen’s call
  • Patrick answers the question if a developmentally handicapped person can receive the sacraments?
  • Julian, 10 years-old – Did Mary have other children?
  • Diane – Where in the bible does it talk about leaving inheritance for kids?
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